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Spanish-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation Over Zoom

The customer only needed to prepare their list of participants and speeches. 

We provided Zoom account and Spanish-Chinese (Mandarin) simultaneous interpreters.

Interpretation Solutions

Conference / Seminar

Our top rated interpreters who interpreted for the World Fortune 500 and governments, ready for your next big event.

Business Meeting

Our experienced interpreters in your specific industry will professionally interpret your negotiations with your Chinese partners.


Our professional interpreters consecutively translate your messages and the audiance's questions into the target language.

Remote Meeting / Webinar

Covid-19 has made it impossible for large offline meetings. But we offer remote interpreting solutions over Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc.


Chinese language includes Mandarin & Cantonese and we can offer both upon request

Service Type

WeInterpreters offers a full range of services to meet all your language needs.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Interpreter translates the message from the source language to the target language in real-time.

Consecutive Interpretation

Interpreter converts the words into the target language after the speaker delivers a few sentences.


Our interpreters are experienced in the following industries and many other fields unlisted here.
We will match the interpreters that are most experienced in your industry to best guarantee interpreting quality.

We Won Trust from Global Entrepreneurs and Companies

Interpreters who've interpreted for the world's top companies, politicians and brands, now within your reach.


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